Sound Design

Creative sound design can make the difference between an impressive visual effect and a completely realistic viewing experience. The team at DSV has years of experience in sound effects recording, editing and creative processing, and has an extensive library of exclusive recordings made with the highest quality microphones. This ensures that your sound track will be more original than what can be achieved with off the shelf CD libraries.

Sound designers with this kind of experience and versatile libraries are in demand. This is why we are being asked to create sound tracks and elements for films, television, documentaries, corporates, computer games, and theme parks.

Sound Editing

Sound editing is the selection and assembly of audio recordings prior to sound mixing or mastering of a soundtrack. DSV has many years of expertise in the field and provides digital editing services using industry standard platforms.

Sound Mixing

The final step in the audio mixing process combines and enhances the sound components. DSV’s mix stage features the latest digital technology to bring together dialogue, ADR, and voice overs, ambiance, sound effects, and music.